Hi, my name is Rick Pijnenburg Creative strategist / designer
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  • Name:Rick Pijnenburg
  • Date of birth:18 March 1992
  • Email:rpijnenburg92@gmail.com
  • Study:Industrial Design, TU Delft
  • Nationality:The Netherlands

I was born and raised in Breda, pride of the south, but moved to The Hague when I started with Industrial Design at the Delft University of Technology.

At the faculty of Industrial Design I found my passion for creativity and innovation. I believe that succesful & innovative new products need a solid foundation of extensive analysis and customer research. With this belief in mind, I have chosen the master track of Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft.

I did my Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft. Industrial Design is all about facing (complex) challenges and coming up with innovative and functional solutions. As an Industrial Design student, you are at the forefront of innovation and often up-to-date of the latest technologies and innovative materials. You design for the present and the future and design based on customer needs, input and insights.

In my opinion, an Industrial Design student has an ideal mix of technical know-how, creativity and knowledge of business practices, stimulating innovation within businesses in several ways.

Within the Bachelor I was mostly interested in the strategic projects and the fuzzy front end of innvovation. That's why I've chosen to follow the Strategic Product Design (SPD) programme.

The focus of the Master’s programme is on the business context of product and service design. This can be the context of large international corporations, strong design consultancies, or start-up entrepreneurship. The programme’s emphasis is on translating a company’s strategy and market opportunities into a strong product or service portfolio. SPD provides the insights and the tools to exploit business resources and market opportunities. Ultimately, students acquire the skills to help companies conceptualise, develop and introduce socially sound, and commercially successful products and services.

I am currently looking for a graduation assignment that fits my interests & strengths. Designing for the societal good is a major area of interest to me, as I believe that a designers way of thinking offers a new view on social issues and new solutions.
/ Interests

Subjects that intrigue me and related to these subjects, i'm looking for a graduation assignment.

01.  Service Design This is Service Design Thinking - Marc Stickdorn

Service design and product service systems (PSS) are currently booming, especially in combination with the internet of things. You can't just design a product, you need to design a holistic solution and the service around your products. I personally like approaching complex problems in which you need to solve the complete situation, instead of one sub-problem. This means that you can have an impact and change a situation positively.

02.  Disruptive Design Design Disruptors - Invision

A lot of industries are being disrupted by rapidly emerging start-ups (look at Netflix & Uber), that come up with radically new innovations or paradigms. Looking at problems differently, is one of the key skills of an Industrial Designer in my opinion, and subsequently come up with new products or services. This is not only interesting for new start-ups, but also for established companies, how should you cope with disruptions? And how to react, or act proactively?

03.  Strategy Design Brand Driven Innovation - Erik Roscam Abbing

Design isn't limited to tangible products. Identifying new market opportunities, developing new innovation approaches, investigating how the company can leverage their competences, identifying customer personas etc. is where my strengths as a creative strategist lie. I like designing tools, customer journeys, future roadmaps etc. for companies, as it makes the fuzzy front end of design tangible.

04.  Social Design Designing for the Common Good - Kees Dorst

Lately I'm intrigued by socially responsible projects, projects that contribute to the society in general. I think this is an up and coming industry, especially in this time. Some subjects (social issues) that interest me in this industry are the following:

Social isolation of elderly, immigration & integration (of refugees), high unemployment rate of youth / 50+, texting while driving etc.

/ Skills

Some notable qualities and skills, that I deem useful / essential within a project.

Adobe Creative cloud

Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro are essential to me to visualize concepts and make designs tangible.

Business model canvas

This tool is valuable to me in the creation of a viable and complete business model for a new product or service.

(Co-)creative sessions

I like to use different viewpoints as a creative source of input. Contextmapping, future workshops, strategy / alignment workshops are some of the sessions I have organised in the past.

Customer research

Customers should be at the heart of design projects. If the customer doesn't have a satisfying experience, your product is doomed.

Customer journey mapping

Mapping out the journey of your customer in a certain context provides extremely useful insights. This is why I deem this method as essential for every business.

Report for business

Reporting is an important aspect of a project, and it's important to report in a clear and useable format for others and especially your clients.

/ Projects

A showcase of some of the projects I did in my career so far.

/ Career

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Liberty Global
Liberty Global JMP Project

A combined-master project, executed internally at Liberty Global, exploring new future opportunities within their industry.

Sept 2015 - Feb 2016
Sunidee Full-time internship

Internship at a strategic innovation agency, situated in the center of Amsterdam.

Feb 2015 - July 2016
Bureau 92
Bureau 92 Co-founder

Graphic design agency founded with 2 other creative talents, based in The Hague.

Feb 2015 - Present    /   Facebook


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